Desire, pleasure, abundance promote powerful growth

Deep change based on desire, pleasure and abundance is far more powerful than surface change

what desire, pleasure, abundance does in the brain

Measuring what actually happens in the brain

A friend asked me today if I could use hypnosis to, for example, help someone lose weight. I smiled, because anxiety, quit smoking and weight loss are the bread and butter of most hypnosis clinics. Yes, I said – but the way I approach the challenge is very different from the way most hypnotists do. What their clients ask for is not deep change. What I do is access desire, pleasure, abundance.

The conventional approach is to tackle the problem head on.

  • Gather a lot of information on the situations where the client eats too much.
  • Discover foods that they crave.
  • Discover the secondary gains they get by remaining over-weight.
  • Educate them on how to eat healthy, etc.
  • Un-loved, un-safe, un-worthy

Deep emotional levels

My approach is almost the opposite. I work at very deep emotional levels. The reason that someone over-eats or smokes or drinks too much or whatever-their-problem-is is that they are missing something deep down. Most of my clients, when we explore at a deep level, report feeling un-loved, un-safe and/or un-worthy. In other words, their belief system is based on fear, suffering and scarcity. My goal is to shift them to a belief system focused on desire, pleasure, abundance. This requires deep change, not surface change.

Negativity Clearing

What I do is first work with them on general “negativity clearing”. (I’ll discuss this further in a separate blog). All of this happens at an unconscious level. What this means is that their conscious mind does not need to re-process all of the negativity, all of the trauma. I consider this really important. Many mental health practitioners have a very strong belief that their clients MUST re-live trauma in order to get past it. I consider this cruel and un-necessary punishment – and my belief is strengthened by know that it is not at all necessary.

The negativity clearing deals with most of the fear, scarcity and suffering. This is a deep change all by itself but it isn’t enough to transition to desire, pleasure and abundance.

Add reference resources

Next, we identify what it is that’s missing. I create hypnotic reference experiences as resources for the client. Then they recognise that they already have all the resources they need to give themselves whatever it was that they thought they lacked. Most of the time, they simply forgot they had it available. The important thing here is not just taking them through the experiences but locking those experiences in in a way that makes them readily available when they are not in trance.

Pleasure makes the speed difference

Normally, I work to lock these resources in with pleasure states – the stronger, the better. The process of learning consolidation is greatly accelerated by providing the hippocampus with lots of endorphins and oxytocin. This is how we lock in the deep change. There are many academic studies that support the notion that stimulation of the hippocampus consolidates learning. See Rat learning with cocaine as an example. There are unfortunate side effects with cocaine and heroin. I administer totally safe, organic, endogenous neurotransmitters to allow my clients to accomplish the same thing. What this means in practice is that my clients can achieve more powerful results in fewer sessions than if we failed to use pleasure.

Wow! It works!

When negativity clearing and locking in specific resources are combined, the results are spectacular. Here’s a quote from a recent client about what changes she’s noticed:

“(The first is) helping me to be able to actually say what I want. The second being helping me to stand up for myself. I have never been good at either of those things, and they are both so important!”

What happens is that, once the client has those inner needs taken care of, there is no further need of the unhealthy behaviour. Sometimes we have to remind them that their unhealthy habits are no longer necessary – but most of the time, they simply disappear. Occasionally, the client actually forgets that they ever had a problem. (Important note to hypnotists: collect your fees before this happens!)

The side-effects are actually more important than the original requested change

I much prefer to work deep change, at the identity level. In my world view, the surface symptoms are just that: surface phenomena. My strongly held belief is that if I resolve the surface symptoms without dealing with the deep needs, something else, some other unhealthy behaviour, will arise to take the place of the original symptoms. A great concept if my intent were to have a regular client for life – but I’m not comfortable with that.

A pleasant side-effect of shifting clients to desire, pleasure and abundance is that most find themselves far better off after the sessions than they ever dreamed possible. THAT is my reward.