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TurnOn Toronto runs hundreds of workshops and has helped thousands of people change their lives in many different ways. Workshops on: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs, Mastering Emotions, Learning how to be vulnerable, etc.

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The workshops that TurnOn Toronto runs are amazing and powerful. But workshops can’t cover everything. You may need One on One support to deal with what you need. We provide coaching and support in packages. Contact us to arrange a no-cost, no obligation consultation. We’ll talk about your concerns and desires as well as what we do and how we work.

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Fear and Limiting Beliefs

Fear and Limiting Beliefs box us in. They are the artificial boundaries that keep us from being all that we can be. Sometimes being boxed in feels comfortable – because we’re used to it. Sometimes being boxed in feels – well, like being boxed in and we need to get out. The walls of limiting beliefs represent personal boundaries. To be useful to us, boundaries have to be tested, understood and owned because most of our limiting beliefs are outside of conscious awareness and worse – were imposed by others without our permission or even understanding.


Desire. Living a life based on Desire means moving towards what you want rather than moving away from what you don’t want. What you really want rather than what others tell you you need. Figuring out what you really want can be hard work. Limiting beliefs block access even to awareness of desire. Desire gives life a compass. Knowing our desires requires quieting the noise. “If you listen to your body’s whispers, you won’t have to endure its screams.”

Pain & suffering

It’s possible to get so used to pain and or suffering that it seems like “normal”. Some people believe that anything good will cost them – that there has to be a balancing measure of pain or suffering to compensate for anything good in their lives. And as long as those beliefs are held fast, that’s the truth. Once they are let go, a life based on pleasure is possible. If, when something good happens to you, you find yourself thinking “Don’t worry – this will pass and the suffering will return”, this is an uncomfortable part of your comfort zone. The pain and suffering side is tightly linked with what we term negativity – and clearing negativity is a major component of all of our work. The opposites of negativity are gratitude and pleasure.


Pleasure. Our brains are wired to seek pleasure and avoid pain, suffering and discomfort. Pleasure is powerfully linked with desire. To satisfy desire IS pleasure. Our minds are also very complex and even sorting out what pleasure is can become confusing. The work we do at TurnOn Toronto helps people sort out for themselves what pleasure means in the context of their life choices. Often, the challenge is a lack of awareness of what is possible – we use powerful hypnotic techniques to make pleasure states more accessible and to clear negativity.


Scarcity is that sense that you have to hang on tightly to what you have lest you lose it. Because if you lose it, there will never be another. A lot of human challenges are based on scarcity. Greed is one way a sense of scarcity around money manifests. Putting up with abusive behaviour from the people around you is another – if you object, they might leave and you’ll be abandoned and alone. Being afraid to ask for what you want; being afraid to set boundaries for yourself – scarcity is at the root of these as well.


Abundance in one sense is the opposite of scarcity. But it’s a lot more than than. Someone who takes the perspective of abundance has a deep sense of personal awareness. They are comfortable with who they are and congruent in their actions. They are confident and tend to be action oriented and focused on desire. They are far more likely to be described as charismatic. It takes breaking out of limiting beliefs to appreciate abundance. After all, the scarcity perspective IS a limiting belief.


Victim. This is by far the most subtle and insidious of the limiting beliefs. By “victim”, I’m also including roles such as persecutor and rescuer. The common theme here is the deep belief that life is something that happens TO us; that our life is controlled by external forces. People in this trap complain about their lot in life, about how others mistreat them, about how all they need is a little break and everything would be fine. When they wearing their victim hat, they are looking (unconsciously) for someone to mistreat them – and blame! When wearing their victim hat, they are also looking for rescuers – someone who will place a higher priority on the victim’s needs than on their own needs.

Destiny - taking responsibility

The ONLY way out of being a victim (and it isn’t always a comfortable way) is to accept responsibility for our actions and how our actions and beliefs actually create the world around us. You may have noticed a consistent theme among the “HEART” traits (the blue heart outlines) – they are all empowered and confident; they are keenly aware of their deep desires; they all create their destiny rather than waiting for the world to provide it for them. Staying in this state requires you to be comfortable with your own power – to constantly observe how you interact with your surroundings – to notice when you try to avoid responsibility. 

What we do

Private hypnosis sessions

Two themes set our hypnosis sessions apart from others:

  • We work on core issues, not surface issues. Smoking is a surface issue – we want to address what makes you want to engage in harmful practices. If we only deal with the surface symptoms, you might stop smoking but the need that smoking was filling remains unfilled and some other problem will emerge to take its place. If you insist on only working on surface issues, we know many other hypnotists who are willing to limit their work to your surface challenges.
  • We use a basket of powerful techniques which allow almost all issues to be dealt with at unconscious levels. No nonsense about re-experiencing trauma until it you are numb. If you think of generic negativity clearing as a process to clear the weeds and underbrush from a forest, the generative techniques we use either clear out the bad trees -or- transform them from impediments to powerful allies to help you be all you can be.

Private Coaching Sessions

Coaching is a relationship. The coach is a guide – not a fixer, not a dictator. Being coached means being guided towards taking responsibility for your results, towards knowing what you want. In essence, it is the conscious counterpart to what we do in hypnosis sessions. The rates are the same and the distinction often becomes blurred.

At TurnOn Toronto, Bruce Anderson insists that client resources are created through actual experience. For hypnotic work, this happens in trance; for coaching work, it comes in the form of assignments.

For example, shame is a powerful force – the sufferer believes that if “people” knew about what she is ashamed of, they would instantly reject her. In this case, we create homework for her to go out and find strangers and (with their permission) tell them about what she is ashamed of. 100% of the time, the strangers welcome her openness rather than reject her.

Workshops - power learning

Workshops are an extremely cost-effective way to absorb the teachings that TurnOn Toronto has to offer.  Over the years, we have delivered over 100 different workshops on a wide range of topics, all generally related to hypnosis, coaching, personal development, sexuality and relationships.  The workshops all stand out in that they are totally participatory – we do not lecture – rather, we guide participants towards their own experience.  They are offered regularly and cover the basics of our philosophy.

When we look back at the range of workshops, the single strongest themes are

  • attention: how to receive it, how to request it
  • learning to quiet the noise so we can hear the voice of our body / our intuition
  • the importance of deep respect for all
  • the importance of being seen and of gracefully seeing into others